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Nallo Jr. Arts Academy 

There has never been a better time

to ignite the arts in you than now.


Live Your Dream

Nallo Jr. Arts Academy (NJAA) is a creative, visual and performing arts organisation where youth are trained in music, film, theatre and design arts. We provide industry-standard education and innovative community-centred training for youth to be equipped with the mindset and skillset that helps them realize their full potential and provide artistic solutions to socio-economic problems in their communities. At NJAA, we train youth in civic leadership, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, design exploration, innovative practice, visual literacy and community solution. ​

The journey is up to you, and the possibilities are unlimited.


Our Program & Training

Our programs and training are developed to meet the needs of society and provide artistic solutions to sustainable development challenges. 

We offer after school programs, kids weekend classes and special home classes on demand.

Music Creation

Live Your Dream 

Acting & Filmmaking

Live Your Dream  

Performing Arts 

Live Your Dream  

we don't teach arts we train artists to make their communities better and safer 

Nallo Jr. Arts Academy is committed to providing a safe, caring and inclusive learning and production environment by promoting respect, responsible citizenship and creative excellence.  We're dedicated to developing and nurturing the artistic endeavors of youth through industry-standard education, research, and collaboration in the art, craft, and production