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Nallo Jr. Arts Academy 

about Nallo Jr. Arts Academy 

Nallo Jr. Arts Academy (NAA) is a creative, visual and performing arts school where students are trained in ceramics, music, film, drawing, painting, digital and modern cultural/theatre arts. We invest in quality and innovative community-centred art education for students to be adequately equipped with knowledge and skills that develop their mindset, help them realize their full potentials and provide artistic solutions to the sustainable development problems in their communities. In the NJAA programs, students will foster a strong foundation in citizenship, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, design exploration, innovative practice, and visual literacy. 


Nallo Jr. Arts Academy is committed to providing a safe, caring and inclusive learning and working environment by promoting respect, responsible citizenship and academic excellence. A positive school climate exists when all members of the school community feel safe, comfortable and accepted.

Contact Us

We are happy to hear from you, learn from you, collaborate with you and grow together to make our communities better and safer using arts. 

Our Team

Our team is young, dynamic, purpose-driven, creative and happily disrupt the limitations of arts education with precision. 

Chief Alex Nallo Jr. Community Design Lead

Josephus Sankoh Operations Lead

Leah Kargbo Administrative Secretary