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Our Projects & Events


 Rise Up! The Chosen Generation 

A Holy Spirit-filled prayer and arts conference where God's children will unlock their purpose, rise from the chains of the devil and live to fulfil the will and call of God upon their lives.

Sierra School Musical 

An inter-school musical competition where children showcase their talents in singing, dancing, playing instruments and songwriting. It's an annual show with each year having unique and fun themes. 

Sick Pikin Charity Concert

A concert to support the Sick Pikin Project that provides financial support for underprivileged and deprived children who have critical health conditions. We raise funds to help save their lives.


Art Flex-Space

Establish and manage art-focused playgrounds and activities in schools and underprivileged communities. We teach them how to create their imaginations, and express themselves using arts.

SheArts Project 

This project trains, mentor and expose women and girls to opportunities in arts especially in playing musical instruments. Women & girls will learn how to play musical instruments  explore arts careers.  

 One Art, One Nation  

 A community art project that focuses on peace, love, civic responsibility, diversity, and co-existence using music, film and graphic animations to reconcile and heal God's children from grief and anger. 

 Nallo Jr. Arts Academy 

This is a great way to support `Nallo Jr. Arts Academy and our art projects and events in Sierra Leone. Every little bit of help will be used to promote art education and expand our work in more communities across Sierra Leone.  

Our Vision:

Train young people to become God-fearing, artistic and scientific leaders who make their communities better and safer.

Our Mission:

Give young people opportunities to discover their purpose and explore ideas by experimenting, inventing and creating their own varied works of art using a range of materials, crafts and design techniques.